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Tough As Nails Comp: May 20-21, 2022

Location: Flatland CrossFit

RX / Scaled    M/M/M | F/F/F

RX M/M/M  | RX F/F/F | Scaled M/M/M  | Scaled F/F/F

$50 + Toy* Per Person 


*Toy(s) or items from the Oncology Wish List. (See below, on registration page or contact Kellie Hill)


Oncology Wish List


Donation Guidelines:
– To prevent spreading of germs to keep our patients happy and healthy,
All donated items must be new.
– Media items must have a rating suitable for all ages
(no rated “R” movies or rated “M” video games).
– We do not distribute toys that might be perceived as violent
(guns, swords, bows and arrows, etc.).
– Please do not gift wrap your donation. This makes it easier for us
to match items with the right child.
– We cannot accept food, candy, stuffed animals, blankets, homemade items,
latex balloons or riding toys.

Arts and Crafts
– Canvas boards (all sizes)
– Craft activity sets (boy and girl, all ages)
– Sharpies (regular, ultra fine, multi-color)
– Play-Doh (kits/tools)
– Sticker workbooks
– Assorted paint brushes
– Watercolor paint sets
– Sketchbooks

General Toys
– Lego Building Sets – (all ages)
– Fidgets
– Current DVDs
– Xbox One Video Games (kid-appropriate)
– Wii Video Games (kid- appropriate)
– “I Spy” or “Seek and Find” books
– Fisher Price Toys and Dolls
– Squishies
– Hot Wheels
– Card Games
– Distraction toys
– Small toys for prizes/awards
– Pop it’s

Clothing (New only!)
– Boy underwear (XS-XL)
– Girl underwear (4-16)
– Adult underwear (male and female, XS-2XL)
– Children and adult athletic bottoms with elastic waist (XS-2XL)
– Infant and toddler clothes (newborn, 3m-24m, 2T and up)

– Gift cards (iTunes, Target, etc.)
– iPad/iPod
– Kindle
– Headphones or earbuds
– Model car kits
– Portable DVD players

– Sippy cups
– Soothers
– Light up and musical toys
– V-Tech toys
– Diapers

Be a Volunteer for the Event! 

Vendors: contact Kellie Hill

Sponsors Needed!

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