Compete for a Cause

Tough As Nails Began as a Partner Competition for our CrossFit Community.


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Each daily workout carries special significance for one of our heroes or angels.

2019 Hero Workouts of the Day


8 Minute

2 Rounds

6 Muscle Bar Ups
6 Pull Ups
6 Jumping Pull Ups
18 Power Snatch

2 Minute Rest


9 Minutes

3 Rounds

19 Wall Ball (20/14 – 10ft/10ft)
(20/14 – 10ft/9ft)
(14/10 – 10ft/9ft)

18 Box Jumps (30/24)
(24/20) – step ups allowed)


Avery – Date of diagnosis was 2.6.18 The first of the 2 siblings diagnosed, the first workout.
Amelia – Diagnosed 3.19.18 with B-Cell Leukemia, a month after her brother’s diagnosis.
Back-to-back diagnosis of siblings with different cancer is rare and the first of its kind in Lubbock.
Each workout will be 2 separate scores.
For Avery and Amelia, Partner 1 and 2 will complete the first movement before moving to the second.


26 Rounds

22 Double Unders
22 Du or 66 Singles
66 Singles
2 Cleans


Blake’s date of diagnosis was 2.22.17. He went through 26 rounds of Chemo. Treatment was typically every 3 weeks.
Partners will alternate rounds.
Cleans may be Power or Squat



60 CAL Row
50 Burpees
 60 Single Arm OH DB Lunge
(50/35 – OH or Front Rack)
(35/20 – Front Rack Position) 
50 TTB
Knee Ups


Zadee went into Cardiac Arrest for 7 mins.
This chipper also represents the many different types of treatment courses she has had to endure. Each with its own effects. It is a constant grind.

Row – Breakup however you want
Burpees – min work required at a time is 5 reps. Athletes will perform burpee from the ground and jump onto a 25lb plate then return to the ground for the burpee. An athlete may NOT place hands on the plate while performing the burpee.
DB Lunge – Lunges will be in place
OH – Arm is locked out overhead. DB must stay in line with shoulder keeping elbow close to the ear. IF the DB fades outside of the line of the shoulder, it will not count. An athlete will lunge out with one leg while keeping DB inline overhead, the back knee must touch the ground. An athlete will then step back, fully stand up/opening hips and then switch legs. The opposite hand must not touch the other leg in movement.
Front Rack – Athlete may hold the DB in front rack position while completing lunges in place.
Movement standards are the same as the open with exception to lunging in place versus a walking lunge.


14 Min AMRAP

12 Front Squats

12 Deadlifts

17 HSPU (45lb plate deficit)


Isaiah was diagnosed on 12.12.17. 14 min workout – he was 14 when diagnosed. Leg intense workout – Isaiah’s cancer was in his leg.
Athletes can break up movements however they want.