Zadee Lopez

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Meet one of our Heroes, Zadee Lopez! This bright 6-year-old 1st grader is left-handed and loves barbies, drawing, art, and dancing with her sister.

Rick, her father says Zadee is sentimental, sweet and shy but watch out because she loves to play jokes on people…including her nurses. Zadee is 1 of 8 kids, ages range from 14 – 6 months, living in New Deal, TX.

Zadee was first diagnosed with Stage 4 Neuroblastoma at the age of 2. She had tumors behind her eyes, in her adrenal glands and spine. She has already undergone chemo, radiation, liquid radiation, oral chemo, stem cell transplant, and immune therapy. While receiving treatment in 2015 she went into cardiac arrest for 7 min and was brought back to life.

Zadee is a fighter and has overcome so much, but her fight is not over. She went almost a year with her cancer being in-active but recent scans show the cancer is back and growing in one of her legs. She has just started chemo again at Cooks Children’s in Ft. Worth. Please keep all involved in your thoughts and prayers. You can follow Zadee and her progress here: Prayers for Zadee.

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